Homestead Parklands, St. Croix County WI Park on Perch Lake

Visit the website of Homestead Parklands for more information about the park, how to get there, when the park is open and their parking fee structure.

Orienteering courses available for iOrienteering after May 15, 2016

Try-O, Short-O, Long-O and Canoe-O are Point-to-Point orienteering courses, where you have to go in the order the points are listed.

Score-O is a course in which you get as many points as you can, in no particular order, in a given time. The time for the Homestead Parklands Score-O is 60 minutes, with 10 points per control visited within that time frame. There is a 1 point penalty for every started minute you are late, past the 60 minutes.

Homestead Orienteering Courses Try-O

Homestead Orienteering Courses Short-OHomestead Orienteering Courses Long-O

Homestead Orienteering Courses Score-OHomestead Orienteering Courses Canoe-O