iOrienteering – timing App for the Smart Phone, used in the sport of orienteering.

Check out the iOrienteering website, create your account to see the map with iOrienteering courses near you, and to upload your results or compare with others.

Check the iOrienteering drop-down menu on this page for Twin Cities greater metro area parks (includes Western Wisconsin) with iOrienteering courses and maps.

To get started with a course, print out a map and take it with you to the park. At the park, go to the Start location, marked on the map by a purple triangle. Start the iOrienteering App on your Smart Phone and scan in the QR code on the map you are going to use, and when ready to start, scan the Start QR code you can find at the Start Triangle location


Continue from control to control, all the way to the Finish, and every time you reach a control point, scan the QR code you find at the location.

The two types of iOrienteering courses available, Line-O and Score-O, are explained on the Orienteering USA page. If not familiar with orienteering maps, you may want to familiarize yourself with the standard international legend of map symbols and control description symbols Legend, or even carry a small laminated copy with you.