iOrienteering Launched at Homestead Park on Perch Lake

I created this map for a MNOC hosted Adventure Race at Homestead Parklands on Perch Lake, WI, and I needed it to be more useful than for that one day. So, here comes the first set of iOrienteering maps, using an App on your smart phone to time yourself and upload results, QR codes on orange/white markers at the site of each control point, and maps you can either print out at home or just download to your phone (I’d recommend paper maps, unless you love switching between screens on your phone, or you carry 2 of them, one to scan the QR codes, and one to display the map).  There is even a Canoe-O course, criss-crossing the lake, and a Try-O for kids and families. So, go ahead, try it.

About the Author: Andrea Schneider